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Squirrel Removal Toronto

Squirrel Removal Solutions in TorontoSquirrel Removal Toronto. We are squirrel removal experts performing wildlife removal. Call: 647-931-6415. Our technicians are qualified to deal with even the most challenging animal control situation.

No roof is too high, we deal with a variety of squirrel removal situations.

We trap the animals, seal up the holes, remove nesting material and deodorize the space. 

We remove, seal and clean.

Don’t risk Contamination and Potential Fire Hazards.  Contact us for a consultation. Our prices are competitive and our work is guaranteed.

Our technicians only use humane wildlife control techniques.

Most activity occurs in the early morning and late afternoon to early evening. You definitely need to act quickly if you think you have squirrels that made their way into your attic.

Our technician follow an effective process to capture and release squirrels. We trap them humanely and release them outdoors after sealing all entry points. Our technicians focus on trapping and removing squirrels humanely and we do not stress or hurt the animals. While every squirrel situation is different, our approach is to locate the entry points, remove the animals, seal all holes, and release animals. Squirrel-proofing is essential in managing the problem.

Avoid damage:

  • Squirrels Chew on Wires
  • Tear Roof Flashing
  • Are a Source of Contamination

Signs That You Have Squirrels Living In Your Space
The most typical signs of getting a squirrel infestation are sounds of loud chewing and scrape emanating from ceilings and walls. Squirrels make the most noise during the morning, and early evening hours. They are most active during the day. So if you are hearing noises at that time then it is not raccoons, mice or other creatures, but squirrels. Squirrels spend most of their day outdoors, and exit their dens in the morning and return at night. If you see squirrels on your roof often, then chances are they have made their way inside.

Squirrels can damage roofs, siding, eavestroughs, wiring and insulation. Squirrel droppings, like just about any wildlife dropping, are known to be problematic to health. Don’t attempt to poison a squirrel, there’s a chance the critter will wind up dead in your attic. The unbearable stench of disintegration can last months and make health issues and added pest.

If you are having a problem with squirrels, give us a call. We will remove them humanely and seal all entry points.

Call: 647-931-6415