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Getting Squirrels Out of Your Chimney


If you have squirrels caught in your chimney, the best advice we can give you is to call an expert. While squirrels may be cute, they can carry all types of diseases and are often infested with fleas. You do not want to run the risk of being bitten, by trying to handle the squirrels yourself.  Call a professional squirrel control technician.

Sometimes, however, calling an expert may not be an option. If this is the case, we recommend following these careful steps for getting rid of squirrels out of your chimney:

Step one – If the squirrels are trapped above the flue damper, you may hang a rope down the inside of your chimney for the squirrels to climb up and out.

Step two – If there is a nest in your chimney, it must be removed to ensure the mother will not return for her babies. Cautiously remove the nest and relocate it somewhere safe outside. The mother will surely be nearby and will find her babies on her own, with no problem.

Step three – Once the squirrels have left your chimney, proceed by placing a guard over the top of the chimney, so no other animals may enter. These chimney caps are often made of metal mesh and are safe to use even when you operate your fireplace.

Step four – If the squirrels are caught in your chimney below the flue damper, you may place a baited live trap inside your fireplace, but behind the screen. Wait for the squirrels to enter, then remove the trap and set them free outside.

Step five – If a live trap is not available and you have squirrels trapped behind your fireplace doors, close all windows and doors and make the entire room dark. Open either the front or back door and the squirrels will head for the light.