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How To Get Rid of Squirrels From The Attic


There are three proven methods on how to get rid of squirrels from the attic. The first method is exclusion. You are required to seal off the attic by patching up holes and spaces that are wide enough for the squirrels to enter. Cover the chimney with a cap or wire mesh, besides ensuring that all the chewed-up holes are tightly covered to discourage the entry of squirrels.

Then create an exit using a funnel shaped metal such that any squirrel that exits the attic will be unable to find a way back in. Alternatively, you can draw the squirrels out faster by placing food outside the funnel, from where they will not be able to return. The second approach entails trapping the squirrels. You can buy a small, live cage trap from your local hardware to trap the squirrels. Set the trap in a corner or a hidden area of the attic since squirrels are likely to
approach the trap if its out of the way rather than in the open middle of the attic.

Combine the trap with appropriate bait since squirrels love appetizing food like peanuts, walnuts, bread crusts, etc. Ensure the bait is properly placed inside the trap. Once trapped, see to it that you relocate the squirrels approximately 10 miles away. Check the attic to confirm no baby squirrels are left behind, and relocate them alongside their mother. Do not remove he trap for a few days even after catching your last squirrel just in case any is left in the attic.

Finally, make use of repellents. Try to scare off the squirrels by using sound, say, from a radio. Make sure the squirrels hear human voices in order to ward them off your attic. Alternatively, you can install flashlights that you should leave on at all times in the attic. Squirrels that are not used to human beings will be driven away easily by the strong light. You can also utilize commercial squirrel repellents. Just buy a chemical repellent that you will apply in the attic according to labeled specifications. Another option would be to soak old rags with ammonia and place them in the attic to repel away the squirrels with the pungent smell. The last option is to scatter mothballs near entrances to the attic or around any other squirrel-infested area of the home to keep the squirrels at bay.