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How To Humanely Evict A Squirrel Family With Babies


Every now and then, we experience animal problems in our households. And in this post, we will answer the ultimate question of how to humanely evict a squirrel family with babies. This article will help you to understand humane squirrel removal.

Check the trees before anything else: check the perimeter. Be sure to check the trees in your yard or near your property before applying any measures. Usually, trees that are 6 to 8 feet tall are great pathways for squirrels to jump over to your house. Here are some tips:Fasten a 2-foot band of sheet metal to make it hug the trunk of the tree, at least six feet above the ground. Use wires to fasten the metal around the trunk. Attach the two ends with springs, which will also allow the sheet metal to expand and spread should the tree grow larger or taller. Also, you can trim down the limbs that are nearest to your roof or house to make them at least eight feet away, which will be difficult, if not impossible, for the squirrels to jump off.

Dealing with Mother and Baby Squirrels

It’s so much harder once there are babies involved. Usually, there are squirrel nests in attics (or other areas of the house). Let’s talk about three different ways to deal with the mother and her infants. 1) Wait it out. This needs a great deal of patience. After about three to four months, the baby squirrels will leave their nest. Once they leave, seal off the entry hole.

2) Lay down all the cards. This option requires many steps, but is a lot more assuring that you’ll remove both mother and babies. Follow these steps:a. Find the nest.b. Once located, use a pole to pull the top of the nest or to slide it about a foot away from the original location.c. Turn on a radio set nearby and set it to an all-talk station.d. Throw in a rag soaked in ammonia that is tied with a fishing line or a rag near the squirrels’ nest.e. Once the mother is alerted with these steps, she will move the infants. If she has a second nest site nearby, the move will be pretty quick.3) Get some help! All you need to do here is to pick up the phone and ask help from an exterminator. Obviously, you can start with this option instead, if you prefer.

Do-it-yourself solutions are all okay, as long as you treat the animals with respect. For instance, never use poison – you pose threats not only to the animals, but to your own children as well. If
squirrels eat the poison and then die in the attic (or elsewhere), that is a bigger problem for you.