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How To Remove A Squirrel From Inside The House


The first step towards removing a squirrel from inside the house is to STOP PANICKING. The poor soul must be as or probably even more terrified than you are. No one likes being trapped in foreign land, specially where they aren’t welcome. Now, it’s only logical to find out which room or part of the house, this uninvited guest has decided to mark it’s territory upon. After gaining this knowledge, it would be best to keep your pets away from that area as there is a risk for your pet to fall victim of any malady the squirrel might be carrying through a bite or a scratch. It’s time to open a window of that particular room and shut all the other doors, drawers, etc so that the squirrel doesn’t get confused by the various openings around it. Now leave the room and shut the doors, closing off all access to the room from inside your house.

If by chance there happens to be no window in the room, you must create a logical access path (with curtains, boards if required) to a room which has an open window, again by restricting entry to the rest of the house. If the barricades fail to work, you can try out the various traps available in the market that don’t harm the animal. After setting the trap, or leaving the window open, you must leave the house, along with your pets.

As soon as the squirrel feels there is no one around, it will feel safe enough to run out through the nearest exit. Make sure you haven’t stocked any food item in the room that might sway the squirrel from it’s mission and cause it to stick around. Ensure that you check all the areas of the house where the squirrel was residing before deciding it has left your house. Also, on rare occasions, a squirrel can be rabid, so try not getting bit by one.