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Humane Ways To Keep Squirrels Away


If the phrase “removing squirrels humanely” has diverted your attention to this piece, you’re definitely a kind human being, who loves to treasure animals. As we all know, squirrels are cute, chirpy and energetic rodents that love indulging in funny activities. However, sometimes, squirrels can create a messy ruckus. They break into your kitchens, steal delicious treats, leave their droppings all over your porch, munch  on expensive hardwood furniture and establish their homes in your attic.

Thus, it is necessary to exercise some control on these wonderful animals. Humanely removing these rodents from the house includes—inspection of the surroundings, tricking the animals, catching them in a trap and safely relocating them to a healthy environment. Here are some guidelines for the same.

Interesting Ideas For Removing Squirrels Humanely:

First of all, you must know your intruders. Since squirrels are extremely smart, they can mess with you quite well. You need to study their activities and block all possible entrances in order to get  them off your property. This requires more than one or two days so you need to be patient.

1) Keep a watch dog. Since dogs have a tendency to bark at small animals and squirrels are definitely afraid of them, keeping a dog in your garden will prevent them from setting up a permanent residence in your garden.

2) Set up a motion sensor sprinkler near your trees, fences and house premises. These sprinklers splash water around as soon as they sense the slightest activity. While this is a smart technique of keeping rodents away, sometimes, the homeowners end up experiencing unexpected al fresco showers in their gardens. In any case, who doesn’t love rain dancing at times, isn’t it?

3) Install a baffle or anti-climbing devices around your pipelines and antennas. These contraptions prevent the rodents from sneaking in through cables, posts and pipes.

4) Chop off tree branches connecting your terrace and windows. This will prevent these rodents from sneaking inside.

5) Your last resort is to mount small cages filled with goodies here and there. Trap these animals and relocate them to a park or botanical garden.

These are some best known strategies for removing squirrels humanely. By implementing these control measures, you can easily protect your house from these tricky rodents, without causing any damage or death.