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Removing Squirrels Humanely


Squirrels are calm rodents that naturally make their homes in the fields, in nests on a tree in winter or in holes and crevices of trees during summer. With human beings encroaching the squirrel’s natural habitats, these cute rodents have no option but to move into our houses to get t he shelter they can no longer get in their destroyed habitat. Since we are the ones encroaching into their natural homes, it makes sense to remove any squirrels from your house humanely.

Removing squirrels humanely heavily relies on two basic and most natural approaches; Repulsion and Relocation. Repulsion entails using natural substance that is by nature disgusting to the creatures hence chasing them out of your house. Caution must be exercised to ensure that the products used are not harmful to the environment and the squirrel itself. These substances should just be use to  coax’ the rodent out of your house and out into the nature or any other place other than your house.

However, most people believe that the simple act of keeping the squirrel alive does not label the method humane. Most argue that a mother squirrel or your squirrels might not survive a day or two in the busy streets or in the cold winter, hence sending them out of your house without considering their final destination is actually cruel. Such people suggest the second method, which is trickier and more involving.

Removal entails trapping the rodent and then placing it in cages and taking it to another part of the city that is not equally populated. This gives the squirrel a chance to start a new life albeit in a new habitat. Most people believe that removing squirrels humanely is about allowing them live, and if possible letting them live in an environment that is more or less same to what they are adapted to being in.