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Squirrel Removal From Walls


Sometimes accidents can happen and urban wildlife can get trapped in your home, such as a bird flying in through a window or a squirrel getting trapped in your chimney. These are unfortunate cases where your home is not affected and you can easily help the stressed animal get out of that enclosed space in which it got trapped. Still, there are moments where animals get into a person’s home with the intention of staying there. The most known animals that take over a home can be rats and squirrels and making them leave is not an easy task at all. For example, squirrel removal from walls is a challenging task that doesn’t just involve waiting for the squirrel to leave and patching the gap through which it got inside the house. A homeowner that has to deal with a squirrel invasion should first inspect the entire exterior of the house to see whether there are any holes, pipes or air-vents with torn seals. After identifying their entrance point a one way door trap can be installed in order for the squirrel to get inside when it is trying to leave the house on search of food.

Another issue could be if a squirrel is trapped inside a wall and cannot get out. Identifying its position is best done by looking inside the walls from the attic. The second step implies cutting a hole in the drywall next to the squirrel and grabbing the small rodent, but only using very thick leather gloves: squirrel bites can cause infections and they can also carry the rabies virus.

If the squirrel removal has been fully completed and the homeowner is certain there are no more squirrels in the house, sealing any possible gap, airway or pipe is the next thing to do. However, there are situations when not only 1 or 2 squirrel have entered the house and a nest is created. Closing any possible way out of the house for the remaining ones could make them nervous and cause more damage to a house than before. Sometimes specialized help is necessary, and asking for it is the best thing to do, because there are companies that provide pest removal services and guarantee you they will not come in again.