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Baby Squirrel


Our technician recently came across this elusive baby squirrel during one of our squirrel removal jobs. This squirrel was raised in a attic nest in a downtown Toronto old Victorian house. Squirrels usually have their babies in mid-March through April, and again in late August/September, so chances are this one is at most one or two months old. This squirrel was photographed climbing down a tree from a new hole in the roof.

We get many calls each year about squirrels in homes and other buildings, and we see the mostly unintended consequences of people trying to move animals without first becoming informed or having someone with experience do so.

In this case, the home owner attempted to remove the animals on their own. They sealed all entry visible entry points, but mistakenly enclosed one or two small squirrels in their attic. As a result, the mother found another hole in the roof and guided the babies out. In other words, squirrel removal without proper entry point sealing is absolutely futile.

Squirrel removal is particularly difficult when dealing with a squirrel mom with babies. Squirrels prefer attics because they are dark and secure and removal is a multi-step process.

When you have squirrels living in the attic, it is important to remove both the mother and the young. We use humane trapping techniques in most cases follow the following procedure:

  • Trapping and Removal of squirrels
  • Sealing all entry points
  • Cleaning the space


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