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Effective Squirrel Repellents

Squirrel- Repellents

Squirrels can be dangerous and destructive even though they are fun to watch and look cuddly. When they start damaging and overtaking your garden and yard, they can be a big problem. With good research, you will find squirrel repellants that are effective in scaring them away. By controlling squirrels in such way chances are you won’t even need to get squirrel removal services down the line.

Before settling for any repellant, it is advisable for you to do proper research. In the internet and physical shops, you will find many methods that are meant to help you repel squirrels. The advantage with doing research is that you will only settle for a method that is both effective and safe. Regardless of the method you choose, ensure that the product will not be harmful to children and animals.

As you research about each method, read the instructions carefully. It is also advisable for you to pay attention to the ingredients. While most garden sprays, powders and granules are safe if used on ornamental plants and flowers, avoid using them on vegetables.

If you choose to seek for pest control services, identify someone with good experience in removing squirrels. The service provider must also be ready to use safe methods when applying repellants. While a provider of pest control services may be quite expensive, hiring squirrel repellant services can save you from being frustrated and wasting time doing research, choosing and applying repellents.

It is possible for you to effectively repel squirrels using homemade repellants. Some of the products used are onions, dish soap, cayenne pepper, and hot pepper. With homemade repellants, you must apply them continuously for them to effective. Open food containers, bird feeders and dog dishes tend to attract squirrels. Therefore, be cautious if you intend to use one of the toxic repellants.

Squirrels repellants are said to be effective if they can help you get rid of squirrels. However, you need to ensure that you only settle for methods that will not endanger your family or animals. Getting rid of squirrels does not happen instantly. Therefore, you need to be patient and persistent.