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Squirrel Removal From Walls


Sometimes accidents can happen and urban wildlife can get trapped in your home, such as a bird flying in through a window or a squirrel getting trapped in your chimney. These are unfortunate cases where your home is not affected and you can easily help the stressed animal get out of that enclosed space in which it got trapped. Still, there are moments where animals get into a person’s home with the intention of staying there. (more…)

Removing Squirrels Humanely


Squirrels are calm rodents that naturally make their homes in the fields, in nests on a tree in winter or in holes and crevices of trees during summer. With human beings encroaching the squirrel’s natural habitats, these cute rodents have no option but to move into our houses to get t he shelter they can no longer get in their destroyed habitat. Since we are the ones encroaching into their natural homes, it makes sense to remove any squirrels from your house humanely. (more…)

Keeping Squirrels Away From The Bird Feeder


While some people consider squirrels to be cute and mischievous, they are notorious pests that have no qualms about eating from bird feeders and bullying birds away from the food that was left out for them. However, there are several ways that an individual can go about keeping squirrels away from the bird feeder. (more…)

How To Squirrel-Proof Your Attic


Homeowners have battled against the squirrel pests that like to frequent attics and other parts of a home.  Squirrels have performed great feats of acrobatics and other tactics to get inside a house when the autumns brisk winds start to come around. There has been an increase in the population in squirrels, especially in the Toronto and surrounding areas, which leads to an increase of squirrels making their way into a home. Proofing your home, should be part of any effort controlling squirrels. (more…)

How To Remove A Squirrel From Inside The House


The first step towards removing a squirrel from inside the house is to STOP PANICKING. The poor soul must be as or probably even more terrified than you are. No one likes being trapped in foreign land, specially where they aren’t welcome. Now, it’s only logical to find out which room or part of the house, this uninvited guest has decided to mark it’s territory upon. (more…)

How To Get Rid of Squirrels From The Attic


There are three proven methods on how to get rid of squirrels from the attic. The first method is exclusion. You are required to seal off the attic by patching up holes and spaces that are wide enough for the squirrels to enter. Cover the chimney with a cap or wire mesh, besides ensuring that all the chewed-up holes are tightly covered to discourage the entry of squirrels. (more…)

Humane Ways To Keep Squirrels Away


If the phrase “removing squirrels humanely” has diverted your attention to this piece, you’re definitely a kind human being, who loves to treasure animals. As we all know, squirrels are cute, chirpy and energetic rodents that love indulging in funny activities. However, sometimes, squirrels can create a messy ruckus. They break into your kitchens, steal delicious treats, leave their droppings all over your porch, munch  on expensive hardwood furniture and establish their homes in your attic. (more…)

How Can Squirrels Damage Your Attic

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Squirrels frequently bring a smile to people’s faces when seen in parks darting about with their bushy tails. Unfortunately, they are far less charming in a home environment. Once they’ve made a nest in your attic, you have a number of issues to contend with besides the noise pollution of having fleet-footed animals tearing through your property. (more…)