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Urban Squirrels of Toronto: How Do They Survive The Winter


Just like the human citizens, Toronto’s squirrel population prepare in their own particular way for the cold winter months that are experienced. The natural habitat of squirrels are in hardwood or mixed wood forest which provide them with shelter as well as the nuts they thrive on. However, these animals have come to adapt to city life due to the varied number of places to get shelter and nest as well as the abundant supply of food. Besides feeding on nuts that they collect,  squirrels are attracted to the seeds in bird feeders and any other scrap of food that may be left lying around. There are also less threats from predators in the city. (more…)

Effective Squirrel Repellents

Squirrel- Repellents

Squirrels can be dangerous and destructive even though they are fun to watch and look cuddly. When they start damaging and overtaking your garden and yard, they can be a big problem. With good research, you will find squirrel repellants that are effective in scaring them away. By controlling squirrels in such way chances are you won’t even need to get squirrel removal services down the line. (more…)

Baby Squirrel


Our technician recently came across this elusive baby squirrel during one of our squirrel removal jobs. This squirrel was raised in a attic nest in a downtown Toronto old Victorian house. Squirrels usually have their babies in mid-March through April, and again in late August/September, so chances are this one is at most one or two months old. This squirrel was photographed climbing down a tree from a new hole in the roof. (more…)

Humane Squirrel Removal Methods

humane squirrel removal

Squirrels, being a harmless animal can be a reason of your headache if they make their way into your attic. There are numerous options that could be useful to remove such nuances.

If you have observed some squirrels roaming around your house, it would be futile to just try to chase them away. While if you see them around often can be a sign that they have taken refuge on your property, you need to have a plan to effectively remove them. (more…)

Squirrel Control


Squirrels perceive roofs and attics as extensions of their natural environment. If you are hearing noises from your ceiling then chances are you have squirrels living somewhere in your roof.

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